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The future of orthodontics is Dental Monitoring

Xcelerated Orthodontics is always looking to implement the most innovative and efficient ways to treat our patients. Nowadays, we all have unlimited access to powerful information and software that can improve our lives. Dental Monitoring does the same by using your smartphone to tap into the power of artificial intelligence and make your orthodontic journey comfortable and convenient!


What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring takes orthodontics to the next level! This powerful technology uses artificial intelligence to optimize orthodontic treatment outcomes, which means the best possible results for our patients.

Using an app on your smartphone, you can have a check-up with our orthodontists simply by taking photos of your teeth as you progress through your treatment journey. These remote check-ups take the place of most in-office visits, so you can spend less time in our office and more time out doing the things you love.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Convenient, comfortable appointments and easier follow-ups
  • Flexibility to be seen by your orthodontist from anywhere in the world
  • Easily accessible treatment history
  • Less time in the waiting room and scheduling appointments

Dental monitoring

Will I still work with an orthodontist?

Yes! Your orthodontist will monitor your Invisalign treatment each step of the way from the Dental Monitoring app. If needed, your doctor will make tweaks or adjustments to your treatment as you go, that way you won’t delay progress if you can’t make it into the office to be seen.

Dental monitoring

Get an XO Smile with Dental Monitoring

Transform your orthodontic treatment with Invisalign and Dental Monitoring at Xcelerated Orthodontics. Our orthodontists will provide recommendations and options for you at your initial patient consultation.

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Dental monitoring